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Top 10 Card games for iPhone and iPad

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Get ready to call "UNO!" ***** “Gameloft's v...
iPhone game app
Blackjack Card Counting
Practice your card counting skills wherever y...
iPhone and iPad game app
▻Spider Solitaire
Discover the next evolution of spider solitai...
iPhone and iPad game app
Phase 10
The official Phase 10 App on iTunes! Not sure...
iPhone and iPad game app
Yaniv is a card game whose origin is shrouded...
iPhone game app
Rage of Bahamut
Over 8,000,000 people worldwide are playing R...
iPhone and iPad game app
Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem
***** "The largest poker site in the world?....
iPhone and iPad game app
Slotomania - Free Video Slots Games
Play Slotomania, the #1 social video slots ga...
iPhone and iPad game app
Memory - Freemium
"Memory - Freemium" is a game of memory skill...
iPhone and iPad game app
Baby Plants Vegetables
The application ‘Baby Plants Vegetables’ is a...
iPhone and iPad game app
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Playing with apps - Card games for iPhone and iPad

Card Games: Strategy or Luck?

Some games are won by pure logic whereas others are won by having quick reflexes. Moreover, some games require a wide vocabulary or math skills in order to win and many require pure luck. There are times when we do not want to think or do not want to exert effort, so we can win. Sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy playing a game wherein we let luck rule the outcome of the game. Card games are such examples of games that are based on luck alone and what makes these games enjoyable is that there is a certain thrill in winning by being lucky.

When card games are mentioned, people automatically think of gambling games like poker and blackjack. Whilst these games are originally gambling games, there are versions of these games that do not require actual money- like iPhone games and iPad games that are based on poker and blackjack. Although the rules stay the same, the betting is done with virtual money.

With poker, five cards are still dealt and the goal is still to get a pair, a trio, a straight or a flush. If you are extremely lucky, you might even get a royal flush. You still play against a dealer and like in the real game; the card that are dealt will be based on chance. Even with playing blackjack, the game is won through chance. Both games are guessing games. You play according to what cards are dealt and the dealer cards shown; sometimes though this requires a bit of thinking on your part. Mostly though these games are great when a person just wants to relax and let luck rule the day.

Other card games on the iPad and iPhone are what people would call "classic” one player games such as solitaire and hearts. These are popular because these are the epitome of luck games. These card games do not allow cheating. For instance, even though the game settings may allow cards to be dealt one by one, the cards can only be re-shuffled a limited number of times. This greatly reduces a person’s chance of winning.

Many argue that these classic games also require a bit of strategy coupled with a huge amount of luck. Why? Well, if you play solitaire on an actual deck, for instance, the cards that are revealed will determine your luck, but placing them strategically will determine your victory. This concept remains in the iPad and iPhone versions. The difference lies in activating the handicap. For example, if you set the handicap (the remaining cards being dealt one at a time) on an actual deck of cards, it is considered cheating because the chance of winning is greatly increased. However, if you set the handicap on the app, the reduced number of reshuffles will do just the opposite. In other words, these card game apps are virtually cheat proof but still fun.

Card games are addictive because these appeal to a person’s urge to win against all odds whether on an actual deck or a virtual deck. So, if you want to try your luck, check the web for the top 10 iPad and iPhone apps for the best iPad and iPhone games out there.
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